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We strive to have our website working at all times, but we are not liable if, for some reason, usa-essays.com is unavailable for any period of time.
We may suspend access to this Website without noticing our customers in advance.
We are not responsible for any damages or harm arising from the use of or inability to use this website or any information it contains, or from any consequences connected with use of this website.
All information stated on this website represents our views, which do not form legal or professional advice.
Links Disclaimer
This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the information that our linked websites contain. We are not responsible for any transfer or transmission received from websites we are linking. Links do not imply that we support information contained in inked websites, nor we approve it.
Use of received products
You are not allowed to put your name on products that our company delivers to you. All Products and materials delivered to you by the Company are for research and reference only. We do not take part in plagiarism or any other ways of academic fraud. We emphatically stick to and maintain all copyright laws and won't intentionally permit any Customer to submit counterfeiting or abuse copyright laws. Any Product or material produced and delivered to you is given just as an example for research use only. Any ideas or text that you borrow from Product must be correctly referenced to this website. 
Company is not responsible for any unethical, inappropriate or illegal use of the Products or materials received from usa-essays.com. This includes poor grading, expulsion, suspension, any academic offense, plagiarism, failures, loss of grants/scholarships/awards/positions or any other legal or disciplinary actions. Customer is the only person who is responsible for unethical or illegal use of the Products supplied by our Company.
The Company is not responsible for a missed deadline in case of technical problems caused by the Customer.
We cannot guarantee our Customers any Particular grade, and Customers are not in title to ask for a refund in cases of unsatisfactory grade.
We allow plagiarism level below 10%. If plagiarism level is higher, Customer has a right to ask for revision or a refund according to our Money Back Guarantee. We always recommend our Customers read additional materials such as “How it works”, “Money Back Guarantee”, Revision Policy”. Note that references, bibliography, frequently used phrases are not regarded as plagiarism, and will not be included in the final plagiarism level calculation.
Prices are stated on “Prices” page of our website. Please note that VAT is not included in prices. Customers from the EU will be charged VAT. We remind you that VAT, Discounts and Extras are non-refundable.
Requests for refunds and revisions
We perform up to 3 revisions for free. If you wish to have more revisions, you have to place an order for editing/proofreading.
If customer requests a refund, our Quality Control Department will investigate this case, and if they will conclude that customer’s initial requirements were satisfied, then customer’s refund request will be rejected. Please read more about refund cases on Revision Policy and Money Back Guarantee pages of our Website.
After the “Approve” button is pressed, customer is no more eligible for a refund, but he/she can still ask for revision during 7 days after approval. Please avoid pressing “Approve” button prior to checking the paper in preview mode. If there are difficulties arising connected with the preview mode, then please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.
If customer a refund was successful, customer doesn’t have rights to use the Product or any other relevant material provided during the order process. All relevant information becomes the property of the company. We do not store any works in our database for further use.
Please note that you have 2 weeks to approve the Product. The countdown starts automatically after the first version is uploaded to customers’ personal account. If there is no response before two weeks run out, then order will automatically be approved.
The Company can make refunds on Products according to “Money Back Guarantee” page on our Website. Please read it carefully prior to submitting the Order form. If the Customer lives in the EU then refunds will be made excluding VAT. VAT is non-refundable. Also keep in mind that Extras cannot be refunded. Please read our Money Back Guarantee for more information.
Proofreading service will change no more than 30% of initially submitted work. This service includes grammar, plagiarism, punctuation, spelling and structure checks. Customers ordering this service shall not expect this work to be written from the scratch.
Multiple-choice questions and problem solving
We also offer multiple-choice tests solving as well as usual problem solving service. Prices differ from other services, as the amount of work required to perform this service differs. We charge our customers for every question. This service will require you to upload the test or question paper scan or photo to your personal account. We are not responsible for the grades, and you will not we eligible for a refund after you approve the paper.